Vision & About Us

Several years ago aventuras de oro, founded by Daniel Borda and Fenny de Leeuw, started to sell an innovative product on the travel market, consisting of personalised organized trips in Peru for all sorts of special interests and people, which are prepared and executed with much attention to details.

We think it is important to offer all dimensions of Peru: culture, archaeology, adventure, ecology, esotery, charity and education, among others, and let you choose on which aspects to focus on during your holidays.

Of course we are in charge of making your stay as comfortable and pleasurable as possible with our detailed preparation. So there are no worries about your accommodation and transport. Your hotels/hostels are delightful and you travel in comfortable transport and will be guided by the best guides.

As we work directly with the local people the local economy is stimulated and you pay a reasonable price for your trip and the unnecessary middleman is not involved. Contact us to experience the ultimate aventura de oro!

About Us

Daniel Borda and Fenny de Leeuw, founded Aventuras de oro. Two persons who really have a passion for travel and exploring and who want to show the whole world the beauty of Peru.
DANIEL BORDA is Peruvian and has traveled through Peru all his life and thus has an inmense knowledgeof his country, its needs, problems and possibilities. He started his career in the insurance business, but could not leave his passion behind. He has worked for years in Cusco as a guide in spectacular rafting trips and trekkings. He is fascinated by Peru¹s nature, surfs the waves since he was a child and knows all the spots along the Peruvian Coast. He always emphasizes the importance of conservation, because that is the only way for sustainable eco-tourism.
After many more years exploring his country with Fenny, they concluded that Peru is in need of a travel company that meets with the needs of modern tourism and also of foreign executives because of Peru¹s ongoing expanding international trade relations.
FENNY DE LEEUW is Dutch and fascinated by this beautiful country. Although she is graduated in International Law, has learnt five different languages and has been a globetrotter all her life. She has come to the conclusion that Peru contains so many different elements that you will never stop exploring it. Her experience with travel groups (through Peru, Bolivia and Chile) was a very good school. Apart from the guarantee of safety and reliability, freedom and personalized attention have become very important issues. People prefer not to travel in big groups nor with tight schedules to be able to see the less well known sites and truely feel the purity of Peru. Expedition de La Vega, Aventuras de oro, has grown not only because of all before mentioned, its personalized attention to details and utmost accurate preparation, execution and monitoring, but also because the whole of Peru is covered and nothing is impossible in order to ensure the very best Aventuras de oro.
We are oficialy register in the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism and recomended by Promperu, that is the oficial representant of the Peruvian Goberment.
And also recomended by the dutch embassy and a friendly agency for some airlines like KLM.