Everything you need in a Makeup Kit while Travelling

We’ve all seen them, the makeup artists or makeup enthusiasts that make looking fabulous, easy and simple. So how does one get to that level of excellence in the realm of makeup? To begin with, they need the perfect starter kit, complete with all the right brushes, sponges, highlighters, foundation and a few other basic makeup essentials. Still not sure where to start? Check the list below for how to create the perfect beginner’s makeup bag.

Beauty Products


This is the friend to anyone who suffers from dark circles or blemishes. When it comes to choosing a concealer, you will want to look for a creamy formula that can hide under-eye dark circles and cover up blemishes. Because every skin type and imperfection is different, so are the products that cover them up! If you aren’t sure what type to purchase, pop over to a local beauty supply store, or cosmetics department and have them match you.


The idea of foundation is to just even out your skin tone and hide the appearance of blemishes, so you will want to find one that isn’t too heavy or too light. Again, any beauty technician would be more than happy to match you.


A perfect way to add a kiss of color to the apples of your cheeks in order to give you that nice warm glow. Which means you will want something that compliments your natural blush and skin tone.


If anything makes it into your bag, this should be one of them (next to a concealer stick!). Mascara is one of the most amazing ways to dress up any makeup you have done. It also comes in various colors, and though most choose black, there are some that opt for something a little more unique like blue or purple!

Foundation Brush/Sponge:

Now here is something no one should be without! When applying foundation is it always best to use a brush, beauty blender or sponge.Mostly because there are transferrable oils and dirt on our hands that will cause grime build up and break-outs to form. It doesn’t really matter what type of applicator you use, it simply needs to be one you find easy to work with.

Fluffy powder brush/blush brush:

Some people choose to have two different brushes in their kit for powder and blush, others opt to have a “one size fits all” combo. The idea behind using a brush is not only for ease of application but also for protecting the face from any grime or dirt that may be on our hands.


Absolutely one of the most important purchases one can make! This is perfect for plucking those brows to perfection, snagging that unseemly chin hair, or plucking a few strays from an unwanted place on the face.

Eye Shadow Brushes:

One of the most fun things you can have in your kit is a really nice set of eyeshadow, crease, and all-over brushes. These make the magic of getting that perfect smokey eye happen. They’re also great for applying powdered eyeliner and adding a hint of highlight to one’s cheeks.

Though this list may seem extensive, these are all things one may want to work towards having in their possession. Sure, being a supermodel may not be right around the corner, but having all of these tools and product