The Best Places to Travel Alone

Introduction :

Sometimes it’s nice to travel with your friends or take a vacation with your family but sometimes it’s also nice to just unwind and go somewhere by yourself where you can be alone and with your own thoughts. Furthermore, when you travel alone, you are able to set your own schedule and do/explore the things that you want to do/explore and nobody can say anything. Lastly, drawing from this statement, there are tons of places to travel alone but what are the best? In this article, we will look at and discuss just that.


 #1: New Zealand:

The first place that is recommended to any solo traveler is New Zealand due to the fact that there are tons and tons of activities that one can do by themselves such as hiking and mountain biking as well as numerous tours that one can journey on alongside other visitors to New Zealand who also may be travelling alone. Furthermore, it is one of the most safest countries in the world with a low crime rate and tons of visitor info centers where solo travelers can go to if they are lost or feeling overwhelmed.

 #2: Denmark:

The second best place to travel alone is Denmark. Like New Zealand it has tons of activities catered towards solo adventurers/travelers and is one of the most safest countries in the world. Furthermore, one of the more prominent languages that native people in Denmark speak is English and visitors who frequent travelling to Denmark often remark that the people there will go out of there way to help tourists, especially ones who are travelling by themselves, in any way they can.

 #3: Ireland:

Ireland is another great place for solo travelers to venture to due to the fact that it is a safe, beautiful place that is also an easy place for any solo travelers who’s first language is English to get around. Furthermore, the average Irish man is quite friendly and so any solo travelers who are feeling lonely or without friends will be happy to know that in Ireland, everyone on the street is practically your best friend!

 #4: Thailand:

Apart from New Zealand, Denmark and Ireland, the country of Thailand is also an amazing place for solo travelers to explore due to the fact that large percentage of visitors are also traveling alone themselves. Furthermore, the locals will treat you like one of their own. Lastly, there are tons of solo trips that one can partake on whilst journeying through the country of Thailand.


In conclusion, these are just 4 of many places to go if you are a solo traveler. Furthermore each of these places offer their own unique and different outlets and activities for those who are traversing their lands alone and without the aid of a friend or family member who is familiar with the area.